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Hint: Somewhere around 19 min into the recording I mentioned ‘server signing authority’ instead of ‘Certificate signing authority’.  Please process the information accordingly.

The promise of Mobile and remote access technology is that , using the Expressway-C and E servers, external devices are able to register to the corporate network  and  gain access to services  which are located within the corporate LAN without need for a VPN.  Internal services like voice-mail, directory, audio- video calls, on-premises instant message and presence information become transparently and seamlessly available to a mobile and remote devices as they move in and out of the network with no extra user education or involvement.

In the first half this video demonstration, I will:

i) Walk through what we already have configured on the corporate LAN.

In the second half, :

i) I will first of all install the Expressway-C and establish communication between Expressway-C with the internal servers like CUCM and IM&P.

ii) Then the expressway-C  is  connected to the Expressway-E via a traversal zone. The Expressway-E sits in the DMZ. The traversal zone is the link between the internal and external network.

iii) Finally, a jabber client is registered to the network via the Expressway-E. The jabber client is able to access internal services through the aid of the traversal zone that exist between the Expressway-E server that is  on the outside or DMZ of the network  and the Expressway-C server which is inside the network. .



* Hint: Please watch this Video in  HD and full-screen mode or the Video may not be clear.


Not too long ago I hit a brick wall while I was configuring the ‘ Recording’ feature of   Cisco’s On-Premises Webex Meeting Server . The problem was that the webex meeting server was saying that it could not find my Network file system. The recording feature actually requires that a Network File System be set-up before users are allowed to record their meetings.  I checked on Cisco’s support site and found out that I was not the only one to have encountered this problem.  Anyway, since I did not find a solution at Cisco.com, I decided to recreate my solution here so that the next person that encounters this problem will have a quicker solution than I had.

Hope this post is  helpful to everyone and maybe even someone who’s blog has been useful to me too.



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