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I thought I’d write about a recent issue I observed after there was a sudden power outage to a CVP server which is part of a UCCE 9 estate .

It was noticed that when calls were placed into the UCCE 9.x  contact centre, the calls would never connect; all that would be heard was a fast busy tone before the call was dropped.  So, I  checked the CUBE, PG, ROGGER and CVP and found that all the devices were up  and showing a status of full-service.  However, when I placed the ICM script into debug or monitor mode, I noticed that the calls were failing at the ” run external script” node of the ICM script.

This confirmed two things;

  1. That the problem was on the VRU leg since it was the switch leg that took the calls up to that point in the ICM script.
  2. That  I would probably find the root cause by looking at the VXML gateway and CVP logs.

One of the very important messages that the VXLM gateway sends to the CVP is the Ping message.  In the first screenshot below, notice the highlighted error message as the VXML gateway tried to interact with the CVP server via the http ping/call message? Also, in the second screenshot, notice how the VXML gateway thinks that the CVP server is out of service? This is because the CVP server was not responding even though the CVP server was showing a status of  full-service (in service)on the Operations Console.

At  this stage, I knew that even though the route to  finding the location of the problem was technical, the solution was going to be a very non-technical one indeed.   I guess at this stage you’ve guessed that the solution was 🙂 ? if you haven’t, the solution was a  simple reboot of the CVP server.  And this action  makes sense too because remember I started off by saying that the server had just been ‘ungracefully’ shut-down due to a  power outage? So this highlights one  very important fix for UCCE: if you know the problem  you are troubleshooting was caused by a power outage, try rebooting the affected server as a first step.


Hope this helps someone out there.

bad fetch

call server cannot be reached