Hint: You are unlikely to encounter this problem if  your CWMS(s) is using a Certificate that was issued by a Trusted Public Certificate Authority.

Hint: This solution is for those using  automatically generated ‘ self-signed certificates’

This  blog is more or less  another brick wall that I hit while I was playing with Cisco Webex Meeting Server in my lab. I decided to to write this blog because I noticed that Certificate problems can actually generate misleading error messages which can direct one’s investigation in the wrong direction.

While I was trying to  get the webex app on my iphone 4 to sign into CWMS , I spotted  two different error messages: one was very misleading and the other was not.

Anyway, the following are  the error messages to look out for  along with the  solution:

First error message:


Error  code 100003  Network is down  or Cisco  Webex site url incorrect  or Site’s cert is invalid. Try again or check your account information

Second  error message:


unable to sign in:  The email or password that you typed  is incorrect

For the second error message, you will see a screenshot similar to the one below:




Log into the webex (CWMS) administration site and:

1)      Click on settings

2)      Select the iOS Webex application check-box

3)      Select save.


4)      Whilst still on the settings page,

5)      Select the ‘ security’

6)      Click ‘ export SSL certificate’


7)      After downloading the certificate which was in ‘ .pem’ format, I emailed it to myself.

8)      Using the iPhone, I logged into my outlook web-access page  and opened the e-mail that I emailed to myself.

9)      I tapped on the attachment and held it down on it until the menu below opened.


10)   I then selected ‘ open in a new page’

11)   The page will automatically load the ‘ install profile ‘ page and it will look similar to the screenshot below . once you get there, simply click the install button to install the certificate.


12)    You will then see the warning below . once you see it, simply click the install button


13)   After this, you can now  go to the webex meeting app on your iPhone or iPad and open it . Select  ‘ sign in through your corporate website’   as can be seen below and then click the ‘next’ button.


14)   Enter your site details and select next


15)   On the next page, enter your username and password as can be seen below


17)   If done correctly, you will then see  screenshots similar to the ones below




I have a feeling this will be useful to someone.