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I thought I’d simply add this blog entry because I have found this topic being talked about all over the internet yet I have never found one person shedding full light on    the solution (I’ve probably not looked hard enough). I suspect people could not readily provide the answer to the problem because it’s very rarely requested for by end users. In fact I have only been asked to do this once in my entire existence on this planet and I did scratch my head when I was first asked to do it . The question sounds very daft, but let me ask it; how do you switch off the call-waiting sound or alert tone a user  hears on a Cisco IP-phone running on Cisco Call-manager when a second call comes in during an active call? Were you expecting me to ask about how you can build a server from scratch? : – )

If that question caught you off-guard, well take solace in the fact that you are not the first to be caught off-guard  by this one.  : – )  Try your luck and ask a CCIE lol.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, in order to do this:

1)      Log unto CUCM admin page

2)      Go to service parameters and select call-manager

3)      Scroll through the parameters and you will see a parameter called ‘Ring Setting of Busy Station’

4)      Just set the setting to ‘ flash only’

Ring setting of Busy Station

In my case, I had to reset the Jabber clients in order for the jabber client to pick up the config.