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One of the greatest and most recent changes in consumer behaviour is the move from high-street shopping to online shopping. Many companies in the UK have maintained or in many cases, increased their profit margins by simply not underestimating the power of online stores. The move to online shopping means that companies must now connect their sales representatives and support staff to their customers which are now online instead of in-store. This is especially important for businesses that place high value items on their online store. This blog seeks to present a response to this challenge.

A look at the use of database dips, custom Java codes, Cisco Contact Centre Express and Cisco Finesse for the improvement of day to day processes and quality of Life. This video was born out of contemplations surrounding what life would entail without the mundane things we spend our time on. Watching A-Level students collecting their certificates /exam results was the final stimuli that prompted this publication.

. .. I hope this Video triggers contemplation.
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* Hint: If this video becomes  fuzzy or unclear, please just switch to HD mode.

* Hint: Please note that this  Java Script  was created for a version 8.5x Cisco Contact Center Express

* Hint:Click on the link below  to download a copy of the script.

This  blog entry is created based on  an interesting case that was assigned to me a few months back:  A client called in and requested that he wanted to be able to divert international calls to a particular number that was maned by a  specialized team of agents while  all other calls divert to another team of agents.   The solution was very interesting  as can be seen from the Video clip below.   However, for the purpose  of this blog, I have created a script that separates  callers with a London caller-ID from all other callers since the methodology is the same.

If you are visiting for the first time then I would like to say welcome to Voice Initiate. It is a place where experiences are shared and discussed.  As we all know, working in technology is all about being introduced to new things on an almost daily basis. For me, it’s like being in a perpetual state of initiation.

If you are reading this blog then I’m sure you can relate when I say that I came into the IP telephony world not knowing that I would have to learn programming too, but working on Contact Centers dictates  that  you must- so retreat was never an option. . . it’s an endless battle but we love it anyway.

This blog is an account of the joys and challenges faced by a Unified Communications NOC Engineer. This is a  place where both failure and success is discussed openly.

Advice and contributions are always welcomed.  My hope is that this blogs brings a sense of thrill to fellow bloggers and initiates alike and a sense of nostalgia to those that have seen the joys and challenges that we now speak of .


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